Candice Budgick Photography | About
Hi! My name is Candice Budgick. I have been shooting photos since I was very young and out of high school decided I wanted to further my education in photography. I have a photography degree from Oklahome State University-IT. Out of college I began working as a photojournalist, which I loved very much. I went on to do that for a few years for two different papers. I am now a commercial photographer in Tulsa. Most everything you see on this site will be work away from my 40 hours a week day job. You will see a wide variety photography. I work a lot with people and you may notice I also have a strong passion for the outdoors. I am also an avid hunter. I usually always have my camera when hunting and I love photographing people in the outdoors.
The thing I love most are projects that are outside of the box. I'm definitely not a traditional photographer, although that has it's place. I believe the possibilities are endless and who wants a boring photo? Feel free to contact me with any questions and if you'd like to schedule a shoot with me! Life is short so take advantage of everything! :-)